UK PM must announce when she will quit: Tory committee

Head of the influential committee which supervises leadership of Britain’s ruling conservative party has said that Prime Minister Theresa may is supposed to clearly declare next week when she is going to resign because of her failure to secure a European Union withdrawal agreement.

Graham Brady, who serves as the chairman of the 1922 Committee, said on Saturday that May must announce the timetable of her resignation during the next meeting of the committee on Wednesday.

The remarks come amid increasing calls on May to resign from Tory party leadership after she failed to deliver on results of the 2016 Brexit referendum.

May has failed on three occasions to gain the approval of the parliament for the divorce deal she has signed with the EU, prompting Brussels to grant a relatively long delay to Brexit until end of October.

The failure has caused the Tories to lose much of their public support as many conservative councilors failed to retain their seats in local elections earlier this month.

Brady, who oversaw a leadership challenge against May last year, said everyone expected May to declare specifically when she is quitting the party leadership.

“It would be strange for that not to result in a clear understanding (of when she will leave) at the end of the meeting,” said Brady.

May had earlier indicated that she would resign once Brexit is settled. However, she has consistently rejected to announce a timetable, saying that would affect government efforts to secure the Brexit deal in the parliament.

More than three years after Britons voted to leave the EU, the country is still deeply divided on whether and how it should leave the bloc.



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