Saudi Security Forces Eliminate 8-Member Terrorist Cell

Saudi security forces eliminated on Saturday an eight-member terrorist cell during a shootout on Tarout island, just off the eastern city of Qatif.

A state security agency spokesman said that security agencies discovered the recently-formed cell, which was planning on carrying out attacks against vital facilities and security positions.

The suspects were located in a residential apartment in Tarout.

On Saturday, security forces carried out an operation to arrest the suspects. A shootout ensued after the suspects resisted arrest.

All eight terrorists were killed, said the spokesman.

No security forces members or civilians were injured in the operation.

The names of the suspects will be disclosed after DNA testing to confirm their identities.

One of their collaborators is suspected to be still at large.

Maysam al-Qudaihi was located in the same apartment building as the terrorists. Another suspect, Mohammed al-Ammar may have also been with him at the time of Saturday’s raid.

They are both involved in several security operations in Qatif.

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